Eco Farm

Eco farm diary October 2016

We have been silent for a while but not lazy. This Martin managed a little plot in the heart in Bansko, and few days ago he collected the last tomatoes,pepper,courgettes, etc for the season and it was the old fashion taste-tomato tasting like tomato, not rubber, etc..Few rows of potatoes to do as well.

Our pig thrives in Elesh fed on goats milk and potatoes so this is looking good come December time.

500 kg of grapes from Sandansky region will  be enough to get us some good home made wine.

eco farm diary

The farm we currently use is Big Georges . It is very specilized-goats, goat milk products, hens and pigs. It gives us valuable ideas about running the farm but for our purpose it is not enough as we need to offer variety of products for an all year round diet.

The first matter of grave importance is of course location. We have been looking for it since early 2012. Initially Eleshnitza region was our top aim. Factors in favour were land prices, connections with locals, proximity to a potential market-Bansko. We met the mayor to apply for land purchase but it went as far as Razlog and then all stopped-probably for the better as the land there was not a top pick save for price. I then also offered to barter my property there for land in exchange but only got few offers, none what we were looking for. Then-in 2015-the idea was floating to rent some land next to Big Georges farm but this didn`t go further either. In the meantime however the other important components started to fall in place,and namely:



management and staffing

the overall concept

Looking back at our first business plans and concepts dating back from 2011-2012 I have to say we have come a great way forward and have something in the pipeline that has great chances of being a unique product and reasonably successful financially.

Lets face it-in the age of internet and high technology-it has become absurdly difficult to source good food, it has been much easier few thousands years ago…it has probably taken between 50-60 years to put on everyman`s plate cheap steaks and chickens, but in the process we obliterated taste and quality.

As Orwell put it-good food needs dirty treatment, good, real products needs to be touched by hands, not iron, and dripped in few drops of sweat rather than weed killer.

The Eco farm diary in 2016

What we achieved in 2015?

We had our own eggs and chicken/for a couple of months/

We had a few goat lambs from Big Georges farm.

We had our own fab almost 200 kg pig, taken down in december 15 and split between the 2 of us.

We had our veggies from Leshko.

We made our own homemade wine and rakia.

We are getting regular supplies of goat cheeze from  Big Georges farm.

The final concept for the farm, location and what is important-finance via investment have now been secured. It will be all laid out in a series of posts on

The Eco Farm Diary

On Feb First me and Martin went to Big Georges` goat farm in Elesh. It was not the best day to explore as rain and snow alternated, with fogs and smokes in the background, the forest sullen and silent, so we gathered round the nice stove in the little, cheaply made shack and had some fine eco products- home made rakia from Victor of Leshko, beef from Yakoruda, Rosens homemade sausages, hung to dry in Blag and of course the goat cheeze. It was good and we capped it with few Kalashnikov shots that were aimed at no one and  hit nothing.

So we now have free range eggs and chicks, sausage, cheeze, beef, potatoes, herb teas. Next we plan-contract for land.